• Focus on long-term holdings of commercial real estate. 
  • Procure and maintain long-term relationships with tenants by continuously striving to build their trust and confidence. 
  • Develop stable and reliable relationships with our service providers such as subcontractors, vendors, real estate brokers, bankers, architects and engineers. 


Established in 1979 in St. Louis, Missouri, Land Dynamics has emerged as a premier property development and management firm boasting decades of growth and experience. Founder Donald Ferguson started the company by developing new medical office buildings from the ground up. The firm evolved by adding the business of redesigning existing office buildings to meet the specific needs of medical and general office users.

Over time, the firm transitioned to focus on being a real estate investment firm concentrating on long-term investment opportunities. Land Dynamics then began to expand its portfolio with industrial and retail properties, all while maintaining a hands-on approach in construction, commercial facility management and tenant relations.

 In 1991, Gary Wesolowski joined the company as its controller, and then became a principal and chief financial officer in 1995.

Wesolowski’s financial acumen combined with Ferguson’s vision and creativity have guided Land Dynamics to its success over the years. Innovative development and keeping tenant needs at the forefront continue to be the primary focus.

 Wesolowski assumed the position of chief executive officer at the beginning of 2018, but Ferguson continues to play an integral leadership role as board chairman.